Local Elections

On Thursday 2nd May 2019 there will be local elections for the Parish Council and East Devon District Council.  Details of this can be seen on the Parish Council website here.

Below is a copy of the note from ROAR Chairman Roy Jones which you will have recently received by email.

Decisions being made over the next few weeks about so-called BREXIT are occupying the minds of many people at the moment and it is easy to forget that local issues here in Combpyne and Rousdon have a large effect on our day-to-day lives.   We may or may not get a vote in the Euro Elections in June, but we certainly have one in the parish council election on Thursday 2 May.  Government policy, fully supported by East Devon Council, where our local district councillor, Ian Thomas, is now leader, is to devolve as many appropriate issues as possible to the level of government nearest the people.

Here in Rousdon we make up about fifty per cent of the voting population of the parish.  Yet at the moment we have only one resident as a member of the parish council.  Mick Stride has been a member for many years but since I retired some four years ago he has been an effective but lone voice for our community on the council.  I’m sure he would appreciate some support!

If you feel you have the interest and time please consider putting yourself forward for nomination.  It is one of the best ways possible to represent the Rousdon community and also to reinforce the fact that Combpyne and Rousdon are ONE community.  Election notices will appear on local notice boards on 22 March and will have full details of how you can apply.  Nomination forms will be accepted from 25 March to 3 April.  There will only be an election if there are more than nine nominees. 

NOTE on the above to be clear about numbers.

Using the latest electoral roll there are 308 registered voters in the Parish, the breakdown is:

  • Combpyne 77
  • Rousdon 207 (of which 111 are on the Rousdon Estate)
  • Lyme Regis postal address 24

The current Parish Council make up is

  • 3 Councillors from Combpyne
  • 6 Councillors from Rousdon (of which 1 resides on the Rousdon Estate)

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